Media hype can blow new investors off course

We all make decisions every day and we don’t have all day to make them. Sometimes people make decisions without taking time to consider all the information that’s available, relying on instincts and experience to make the right choices.  In the high-stakes world of investing, information overload can be part… Read More »

If you want to go far, go together

Just about every budding entrepreneur kicks off their dream with a difficult conversation. The talk may be over the kitchen table, in a car, rolling down the highway or on the back porch. Spouse to spouse or as a family, it might start off with, “I have this idea…,” followed… Read More »

Financial industry blooming amid OKC renaissance

In just a few weeks, Full Sail Capital will be moving its offices from north Oklahoma City to the Midtown District, an area full of optimism, growth, and excitement for the future. After nearly four years of helping clients manage assets, investments, and wealth in Oklahoma, our firm shares that… Read More »