Opportunity abounds, even in stormy markets

Imagine you’re sailing on a sunny day in the Gulf of Mexico when a sudden storm bubbles up and starts to rain on you and your crew. Still hours from shore, there’s zero chance of reaching shelter anytime soon, so it’s inevitable you’re going to get wet. That sounds a… Read More »

The Gift of Giving

We teach our children many things while they’re growing up. They learn about hard work, responsibility, and kindness. We take them to church, send them to school and sign them up for summer camp, dance, soccer and so much more. That’s what parents do. The art of giving is another… Read More »

Media hype can blow new investors off course

We all make decisions every day and we don’t have all day to make them. Sometimes people make decisions without taking time to consider all the information that’s available, relying on instincts and experience to make the right choices.  In the high-stakes world of investing, information overload can be part… Read More »