SECURE 2.0 Act Removes Hurdles to Retirement Savings

Amid continued uncertainty over the future of Social Security, Congress is taking proactive steps to encourage retirement savings. Lawmakers passed the SECURE Act in 2019 to further incentivize retirement planning, and they followed with the SECURE 2.0 Act in December. In a recent analysis, Bloomberg Law called SECURE 2.0 one… Read More »

Markets see glimmers of hope in 2023

If asked to write a script to describe a really terrible year in the investment markets, I’m not sure many could have written one that was worse than 2022. After beginning January at an all-time high, the S&P 500 rode a roller coaster through war in Europe and fears of… Read More »

Market clouds not as dark as they appear

Unfortunately, the temperature outside is about the only thing that’s hot this summer. We know there’s not much heat coming from financial markets with the S&P 500 turning in its worst first half since 1970. That’s enough to make you want to find a swimming pool and leave it all… Read More »