Club selection critical in wealth management game

Millions of people work most of their lives to build the retirement savings they will need to live comfortably after they decide to quit working. In some ways, that’s the easy part. For many, the hard part is managing all the wealth they’ve accumulated. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve saved… Read More »

Gamestop Madness

My brother texted me today and asked if he should buy GameStop stock. I stared at my phone trying to figure out how to compose a text that included a brief summary of efficient markets hypothesis, the effect of global pandemics on the future of retail, the future of gaming… Read More »

From stormy weather to calmer seas

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” My wife shared the old English proverb with me earlier this year after a particularly challenging day at the office. As chief executive of Full Sail Capital, I’ve seen plenty of challenging days at the office this year, so Kim’s words were… Read More »