Deciding on your financial advisor should be easy. You’ll want them to show integrity, competency, transparency and confidence. All these traits build your peace of mind.

In the search for your financial advisor, you'll need to be your own advocate. Push your prospective advisor to be candid and disclose conflicts of interest. They should be willing to answer any questions you have, no matter how simple they seem.

We want to help you decide if we’re the right fit for you.

We’re a registered investment advisor (RIA). As an RIA, we’re fiduciaries required by law to act in the best interest of our clients. That includes disclosing any information that’s material to the advisory relationship (e.g., conflicts of interest), and treat all clients fairly. You can learn more about this in our disclosure brochure (Form ADV Part 2A).

We’d recommend having your potential financial advisor sign a letter committing to the following:

“In all my business with you, I am a fiduciary. This means that I must always put your interests before my own, always disclose any conflicts of interest to you and treat all my clients fairly. I promise that neither I nor my firm have entered into any soft dollar arrangements. I receive no brokerage commissions. I pledge that neither I nor my firm recommends mutual funds that charge 12b-1 fees. I commit to never place within any account I manage for you a product for which I receive a sales commission. I vow that if we report your portfolio’s performance to you, we will always show you that information net of fees; that I will use my best efforts to provide investment advice tailored to your specific needs; and that any fee I charge your account will always appear on your statement.”

Your potential financial or wealth advisor should agree to be bound by these commitments. If they don’t, it’s possible they have additional incentives that aren’t in your best interest.

At Full Sail Capital, we commit to upholding the above promises. We encourage you to hold us to them and look forward to answering any questions you have.


David T Stanley
Principal & CEO

Zac A. Reynolds
Principal & CIO
Scott L. Cravens
Principal & COO