Interview with Aaron Ackerman, CPA & Partner at HoganTaylor

Today, Aaron Ackerman joins the pod to discuss the world of transaction advisory services and the role of interim CFO. His past deals have included companies ranging from start-ups to firms with over $1B in revenue. David and Tyler were honored to sit down and have the opportunity to talk with Aaron and we encourage you to visit the resources below:.

At The Helm w/ Hannah Schmitt

Hannah Schmitt is the founder and owner of The Treasury, Oklahoma City's first female coworking space. Along with her husband, Brian, they set out to create a community for women to focus on themselves and their businesses, but also for learning, engagement and support. To learn more or to become a member, we highly encourage you to check out their website and follow the company on social media.

Happy 5th Birthday FSC!

As we turn the page to a new month, we wanted take a moment and celebrate Full Sail Capital's 5th anniversary. Tyler is joined by the three founding principles, Scott Cravens, Zac Reynolds, and David Stanley, as they discuss the growth, challenges, and stories from the first 5 years as a firm. We encourage you to visit our website and please let us know if we can answer any questions. Enjoy!

At The Helm – Lauren Warkentine

Lauren Warkentine is the founder and CEO of William & Lauren, a custom clothing firm focused on capturing your personality and unleashing your confidence. Tyler, along with Katherine Vanlandingham and Scott Cravens, was honored to have Lauren join us on the most recent At The Helm episode as she shared her entrepreneur story.

Squared Away – 2023 Kickoff

As we turn the page to another year, many are breathing a sigh of relief in hopes of better market days ahead. While there is still plenty to be concerned about, we are cautiously optimistic about the long-term return environment facing investors in the new year. Zac Reynolds, CIO, and Stacy Murray, Full Sail’s CFP and CPA expert, join Tyler to break it all down and provide insight as we press on. Enjoy!

FSC 2022 Year-End Review

We hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. Today, Tyler is joined by Candace Guy, Full Sail Capital's marketing director, as we they bring you a special episode featuring every member of the Full Sail crew. From market perspectives to holiday traditions, we reflect back on this crazy year and get to highlight the people who daily contribute to our success. Merry Christmas!

Anchored: The First National Center featuring Gary Brooks

Gary Brooks has been involved with Oklahoma commercial real estate for over 30 years, but the past 5 years may have been the most challenging and trying time of his career. In 2017, Gary and his partner, Charlie Nicholas, acquired the First National building in the heart of Oklahoma City. This 1.1 million square foot high rise built back in 1931 has been completely restored and is once again filled with vibrancy and grandeur. We are so thankful for the time Gary spent with us and the stories he told. If you haven't had the chance to visit, we strongly encourage everyone make time for a stop at the newly renovated First National Center, featuring a hotel, residences, retail and food & beverage.

First National Center

Episode 43 – Squared Away – Year-end Tax Conversation

Happy Thanksgiving!! This week, Tyler is joined once again by Stacy Murray, in-house CPA and advisor, as they dive into a few very important tax moves that investors can make in any market environment. You'll get insight on tax-loss harvesting, roth conversions, cash balance plans and a couple tax moves to consider in 2023. We hope you all have a wonderful week. Enjoy!