Wealth & Asset Integration

Over the years, clients create a variety of assets and wealth building puzzle pieces. These pieces are acquired at different phases in life and for different reasons. First, we ask “why.” Once we understand that, we can better understand the big picture, and along the way, we may find puzzle pieces that no longer fit our clients’ long-term objectives. Through this process, we develop plans that intelligently dispose of the pieces our clients no longer need, and in the end, they get a more focused integration of their wealth and assets as well as a sharper view of their financial futures.

Investment Management

Our investment management process is rooted firmly in one word - discipline. The discipline to understand that picking stocks can be value destructive – not value creating. The discipline to know that it is impossible to consistently pick winning stocks or to ascertain the perfect spot to enter and to exit markets. The discipline to acknowledge that a strategy rooted in low costs, broad diversification, and a fiduciary advisor who is free from the need to sell commissioned products is the best way to invest for the long term. The discipline to develop a plan and stick to it no matter how calm or choppy the water might be. Our job is to help clients create a plan that is right for them, and to be responsible for executing on that plan in accordance with our firm’s promise. Finally, we want to be an accountability partner for our clients, ensuring their boat is always at “full sail”.

Financial Planning

We view the term “retirement planning” more as “independence planning.” Our goal is to get our clients to a point where their accumulated wealth and assets allow them to own their time, freeing them from the worry of the ultimate question: “Do I have enough money to do what I want?” This planning can be done for retirement, but it can also be done to plan for what’s next.

Planning in any form is about establishing a destination, selecting a heading, and charting a course, like sailing in open water. Remember, the path to your destination may never be as straight as it appears on paper because life can be unpredictable. There may be choppy seas, a change in the tide, or an unexpected storm on the horizon, prompting a change in course.

When you do change direction, our job is to make sure you maintain commitment to the destination. As a fiduciary advisor, we commit to helping clients arrive no matter how many times the wind forces us to adjust our sails.

Estate Plan Consulting

For most people, setting up an estate plan comes with a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. We hear comments like, “I have a will, so all is well,” or “I paid to have a revocable trust created 20 years ago, so I’m all set.” Circumstances surrounding estates can change. That’s why we believe plans are organic and that they live and breathe right along with our clients.

Estate planning is a core part of our client service process because documents are static and require intentional actions to stay current, which can be challenging sometimes. Our team’s licensed attorneys work with our clients’ estate planning attorneys to ensure documents remain effective legally and function practically. Our team has reviewed hundreds of estate plans over the years, and we understand the negative impacts of poor estate planning. In turn, we encourage clients to be thoughtful about their estate plans, and to be prepared for the practical challenges their families may face once the document goes from dormant to controlling.

Family Office Services

Our family office services are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our clients and adding value through delivering the unexpected. We look for opportunities to simplify processes for clients and engage with them to solve financial and asset problems. Family office services is one of our firm’s greatest value propositions and one of the many ways we enhance our client experience. Whether a need arises from unexpected challenges or from a client’s routine business affairs, we are dedicated to meeting their needs and helping them solve problems efficiently and seamlessly. Every client’s needs and expectations are different. We are committed to responding to those needs with team members who are best suited to help.