At The Helm – Tony Capucille, CEO & Founder of EightTwenty

Did you know that it takes eight minutes and twenty seconds for sunlight to reach the earth? Today, we sit down with EightTwenty CEO and co-founder, Tony Capucille. Tony and his team are leading the charge to bring solar energy to cities across the nation. In their own words, they provide products and services that empower individuals and communities to harness solar energy for their own independence; instilling trust in all they do. Respect, focus and quality influence all their decisions. 
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Dr. Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioral Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions

This week, we were honored to sit down with behavioral finance expert, Dr. Daniel Crosby. He has spent years studying and learning the psychology of investing and how human behavior is affected by markets. He has published a number of books and host his own podcast, Standard Deviations. He joins Zac Reynolds and Max Rhodes to discuss everything from the paradoxes within investing to how we can identify our own financial biases. See below for a few links to his work:

Podcast - Standard Deviation
Books - The Laws of Wealth & The Behavioral Investor

Anchored – Broker Confessional with Ethan Slavin & Brett Price

This week, we highlight another Anchored series conversation, which is focused on bringing you an inside look at the real estate industry. Tyler and Scott were so grateful to sit down with Ethan Slavin and Brett Price as they give us a glimpse into the brokerage world of real estate. We hope you enjoy our conversation!

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Squared Away – A look back at the first half of 2022

For June's edition of squared away, Zac Reynolds and David Stanley join the podcast to discuss everything that has transpired over these first six months of 2022.  We cover a lot of the market related topics, but we also take a look back at history and try to put this current drawdown in perspective. Please let us know if we can cover other topics on the next squared away, and as always, don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

At The Helm – Interview with Bailey Gordon

This week, we roll out another new series that will be highlighted throughout each year going forward. "At The Helm" will feature interviews with entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. Whether its an individual starting a small business from scratch or someone running a large corporation, entrepreneurs have incredible stories to tell and we are excited to highlight a few each year. To kick us off, we asked Bailey Gordon to sit down and tell her story that led to the creation of her non-profit consulting business. Katherine Vanlandingham, in-house non-profit cheerleader, joins Tyler to interview Bailey and help tell her story. Enjoy!

Bailey Gordon Consulting -

Anchored – Property Manager Confessional with Michelle Anderson

As introduced in the previous episode, our new Anchored series is focused on bringing you an inside look at the real estate industry. To kick off our first interview, Tyler and Scott were so grateful to be joined by industry veteran, Michelle Anderson, with Plains Commercial Real Estate. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Michelle's Bio:

Anchored – An introduction to our new real estate focused episodes.

Outside of the capital markets and general investing questions, the one topic that inevitably gets a ton of attention in our meeting rooms is real estate. From how it fits into the overall portfolio of assets to whether or not a client should buy that rent house, we have addressed it all.  So, today, we are pleased to introduce a new series called, "Anchored". In these periodic episodes, we will highlight and address various advantages, misconceptions and common pitfalls that are evident in the real estate sector. To kick it off, Tyler has Scott Cravens and Zac Reynolds sit and spend some time taking a high-level look at this topic and lay the groundwork for what we hope is a very informative, on-going conversation.

Scott Cravens’ Real Estate Background - Stewarding Generational Wealth - Nov. 4, 2021

FSC Articles Database -

Squared Away – An Interview with Edward Saracino, Sr. Portfolio Specialist at Vanguard

Today, we were honored to be joined by Ed Saracino with Vanguard Financial Advisor Services. As you will hear in the intro, Ed has spent many years with Vanguard and has an incredible ability to communicate the long-term approach that the company takes no matter what the market might be facing. As is the case with all "Squared Away" episodes, you'll hear from Zac Reynolds, Full Sail's Chief Investment Officer, as he and Ed discuss an array of topics facing investors today.

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Growing Philanthropy Through Charitable Giving

This week, Tyler was joined by members of the Foundation Management team: Frank Merrick, Kari Blakley, & Randy Macon. We spend a little time discussing the private foundation management side of things, but also highlight a more recent public charity offering, Because We Care Philanthropy. This entity sponsors Donor Advised Funds (DAF) that help donors make grants to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. Whether their team is assisting a multi-million dollar foundation or opening a new DAF for a family, they stay focused on a singular goal of growing philanthropy.

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Because We Care Philanthropy
Foundation Management

Financial Planning 101

This week, we are thrilled to have Max Rhodes and Kyle Ray join the podcast for an very informative discussion on all things financial planning. Through their experiences as advisors, they are able to highlight some of the more important aspects of a well-designed plan, but also breakdown a few complex issues that can arise during the planning process.  If you have any questions or comments during the episode, feel free to shoot Tyler a note via the website - Enjoy!