Squared Away – GameStop, Reddit & Robinhood

Now that some time has passed since the initial market mayhem surrounding GameStop, we wanted to sit down and discuss what happened. We hope to provide some insight about the market events and clarify a few misconceptions. For further reading, we encourage you to visit the following resources:

GameStop Madness

 Why Brokers Had to Restrain Trading in GameStop Shares

Robinhood Had a Busy Week

Meet the Founders

As we celebrate Full Sail's 3rd anniversary this month, we felt it would be best for you to hear directly from the people who started it all. Join us as we walk the guys back to early 2018 to get their thoughts and feelings as they launched our firm.

Squared Away – Election, Bitcoin & Tesla

Today, we sit down to discuss three of the more popular and controversial topics facing investors to start the year. During the episode, we make reference to a handful of great resources, and you can find those links below:

Factor Investing

Our guest today is Zac Reynolds, Chief Investment Officer and one of the founders at Full Sail Capital. We sit down and have an insightful discussion about factor investing - the benefits, drawbacks, and how we manage our own portfolios.