In just a few weeks, Full Sail Capital will be moving its offices from north Oklahoma City to the Midtown District, an area full of optimism, growth, and excitement for the future.

After nearly four years of helping clients manage assets, investments, and wealth in Oklahoma, our firm shares that enthusiasm. Oklahoma City is growing, evolving, and prospering on a foundation of blue-collar values attracting thousands from across the country to pull up roots and move here.

We are strong believers in the Oklahoma standard because most of Full Sail Capital’s management and staff were raised here, educated here, and started their careers here. So, we are committed to our state, and we’re excited about planting our flag even deeper into Oklahoma soil.

And we are not alone. The talent pool in Oklahoma is getting broader and deeper in almost every field as we have watched our state transition from the “brain drain” of the ’80s and ’90s to rapid population growth over the last decade.

Did you know Oklahoma City has grown by more than 100,000 new residents since 2010? That represents nearly half of the state’s overall population growth during that period. According to Census 2020, OKC is now the sixth fastest-growing city among the nation’s 25 most populated cities. Incredible.

And rest assured, the financial industry has taken note. The quality of our financial professionals is as good as any in the country, so rather than hire strangers in New York, Chicago, Dallas, or some other financial center, Oklahomans are finding high-caliber tax attorneys, certified public accountants, registered investment advisors, real estate brokers, investment banks, venture capital firms and other financial professionals in OKC.

With a little homework and some conversations with trusted friends and colleagues, people are finding the local fiduciaries, seasoned attorneys, and tax pros they need to manage and protect their assets. Hiring locally brings numerous advantages. The most notable of these is a real relationship that grows through face-to-face interactions, which beats phone calls or Zoom meetings every time. Trust is best maintained when you can look someone in the eyes, and incentives remain aligned when your adviser may see you at church, the grocery store, or a Thunder game.

Physical presence is assurance, and it demonstrates commitment, not only to our clients, but also to our community. It’s an exciting time to be in OKC, and we can’t wait to be part of that excitement in our new offices at 10th and Broadway in Midtown. The renaissance is continuing in Oklahoma City, and we think people and relationships are at the heart of it all.