Anchored – An introduction to our new real estate focused episodes.


Outside of the capital markets and general investing questions, the one topic that inevitably gets a ton of attention in our meeting rooms is real estate. From how it fits into the overall portfolio of assets to whether or not a client should buy that rent house, we have addressed it all.  So, today, we are pleased to introduce a new series called, "Anchored". In these periodic episodes, we will highlight and address various advantages, misconceptions and common pitfalls that are evident in the real estate sector. To kick it off, Tyler has Scott Cravens and Zac Reynolds sit and spend some time taking a high-level look at this topic and lay the groundwork for what we hope is a very informative, on-going conversation.

Scott Cravens’ Real Estate Background - Stewarding Generational Wealth - Nov. 4, 2021

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