Katherine Vanlandingham

We teach our children many things while they’re growing up. They learn about hard work, responsibility, and kindness. We take them to church, send them to school and sign them up for summer camp, dance, soccer and so much more. That’s what parents do. The art of giving is another… Read More »

Tyler Grubbs

OKLAHOMA CITY – What’s it like to start a business from scratch, be the chief executive of a large corporation or to turn an idea into an enterprise? Entrepreneurs are the marrow of the business world, and they are the subject of a new series of podcasts titled “At The… Read More »

Max Rhodes

We all make decisions every day and we don’t have all day to make them. Sometimes people make decisions without taking time to consider all the information that’s available, relying on instincts and experience to make the right choices.  In the high-stakes world of investing, information overload can be part… Read More »

Charting the Course - Podcast

Anchored – Broker Confessional with Ethan Slavin & Brett Price

This week, we highlight another Anchored series conversation, which is focused on bringing you an inside look at the real estate industry. Tyler and Scott were so grateful to sit down with Ethan Slavin and Brett Price as they give us a glimpse into the brokerage world of real estate. We hope you enjoy our conversation!

Ethan's Bio

Brett's Bio

Squared Away – A look back at the first half of 2022

For June's edition of squared away, Zac Reynolds and David Stanley join the podcast to discuss everything that has transpired over these first six months of 2022.  We cover a lot of the market related topics, but we also take a look back at history and try to put this current drawdown in perspective. Please let us know if we can cover other topics on the next squared away, and as always, don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

At The Helm – Interview with Bailey Gordon

This week, we roll out another new series that will be highlighted throughout each year going forward. "At The Helm" will feature interviews with entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. Whether its an individual starting a small business from scratch or someone running a large corporation, entrepreneurs have incredible stories to tell and we are excited to highlight a few each year. To kick us off, we asked Bailey Gordon to sit down and tell her story that led to the creation of her non-profit consulting business. Katherine Vanlandingham, in-house non-profit cheerleader, joins Tyler to interview Bailey and help tell her story. Enjoy!

Bailey Gordon Consulting -