Scott Cravens

There are many things in life that we dismiss, not even realizing how much we value them until they are taken away. For a lot of us, the experience of living through a pandemic has demonstrated just how much some of those little things mean to us in our daily… Read More »

Max Rhodes

Every now and then, we see media reports about celebrities who pass away, leaving vast holdings untethered by wills or estate plans. Family members, significant others, lawyers and advisers are left with months or years of work, untangling the financial mess. Tech entrepreneur Tony Hsieh may be the most recent… Read More »

Dexter Wise

My brother texted me today and asked if he should buy GameStop stock. I stared at my phone trying to figure out how to compose a text that included a brief summary of efficient markets hypothesis, the effect of global pandemics on the future of retail, the future of gaming… Read More »

Charting the Course - Podcast

Squared Away – GameStop, Reddit & Robinhood

Now that some time has passed since the initial market mayhem surrounding GameStop, we wanted to sit down and discuss what happened. We hope to provide some insight about the market events and clarify a few misconceptions. For further reading, we encourage you to visit the following resources:

GameStop Madness

 Why Brokers Had to Restrain Trading in GameStop Shares

Robinhood Had a Busy Week