Stacy Murray

With President Biden and Congress looking at a federal tax increase in 2021, this may be the time to consider converting savings from a traditional IRA into a Roth account for tax friendly features that benefit retirees and their families.   Roth IRAs were created by Congress as part of the… Read More »

David Stanley

Millions of people work most of their lives to build the retirement savings they will need to live comfortably after they decide to quit working. In some ways, that’s the easy part. For many, the hard part is managing all the wealth they’ve accumulated. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve saved… Read More »

Scott Cravens

There are many things in life that we dismiss, not even realizing how much we value them until they are taken away. For a lot of us, the experience of living through a pandemic has demonstrated just how much some of those little things mean to us in our daily… Read More »

Charting the Course - Podcast

Squared Away – SPACs, NFTs, Inflation and Rates

In this episode, we tackle a few more interesting topics facing investors, like the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPACs). We also spend some time on the growing issues facing the economy like inflation, rates, and taxes. The intention for these episodes is to provide some brief clarity and understanding of our take on current market-related topics. For further reading, here are few great articles:

Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett on Bitcoin - Yahoo! Finance
Jurrien Timmer from Fidelity on whether or not Bitcoin belongs in your portfolio - Fidelity Investments
NFTs, Explained - The Verge

Infinity Capital Partners Interview, Part 2

We are back with the second half of our conversation with Infinity Capital. As we discussed, they serve the unique needs of middle-market businesses and their stakeholders. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, they provide bespoke solutions through investment banking and advisory services to founders, owners, and investors of privately held businesses.  Evan and Bryan, two of the managing partners, pick up where we left off and continue our discussion about their specific industry and how they tailor every solution to meet each clients specific needs. 

Michael Mauboussin article -  Public to Private Equity in the United States: A Long-Term Look

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For more information on Inifinity, please visit Infinity Capital Partners.