Katherine Vanlandingham

The worst pandemic in a century has left plenty of mayhem to untangle before life can get back to normal. Small businesses are regaining footing amid a worker shortage, prices are rising and supplies of everything from new cars to washing machines are tight. While those are among issues capturing… Read More »

George Cohlmia

In the financial industry, we sometimes see investors change their priorities, shifting the purpose of their investing to fulfill higher purposes as they seek more fulfillment and happiness in their lives. For many, the main goal behind investing is retirement, the simple act of accumulating the financial resources necessary to… Read More »

Stacy Murray

With President Biden and Congress looking at a federal tax increase in 2021, this may be the time to consider converting savings from a traditional IRA into a Roth account for tax friendly features that benefit retirees and their families.   Roth IRAs were created by Congress as part of the… Read More »

Charting the Course - Podcast

Squared Away – Markets and Inflation: A Complex Relationship

This week we dive in a bit more to the topic of inflation and its impact people are beginning to see and feel. Dexter, Zac and Tyler look at a couple different effects of rising prices on both the markets and the economy. While we can look to history as a guide for how to approach an inflationary environment, we believe it is important to remain disciplined, diversified and cautious about predicting the future. Enjoy!

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Today, Dexter and Tyler are joined again by Stacy Murray to breakdown to complexity and confusion around an underutilized yet necessary investing strategy. Tax-loss harvesting is a crucial part of our investment process here at Full Sail Capital for any taxable account that we manage, and in any given year, can drastically improve the capital gains tax bill that a client may be facing.

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Making Money vs. Managing Money

In this episode, Dexter and Tyler sit down with Full Sail advisor Max Rhodes to get his input on the challenge of managing versus making money. Two very different tasks that many of us face daily, this topic continues to weave itself into many of the conversations we are having with clients and network partners. Enjoy!