Tyler Grubbs

There has been plenty to worry about over the past year-and-a-half. With the virus, the lockdowns, the economy, and all the illness, it is not surprising that many have placed 401(k) plans and retirement savings on the sidelines until things calm down. While the pandemic is still in the news,… Read More »

Zac Reynolds

Inflation is not something we have had to talk about much over the past few decades. In fact, many of us weren’t even born the last time the Consumer Price Index, or CPI, peaked to levels that shook the economy. Those who were around in the 1970s may remember watching… Read More »

Katherine Vanlandingham

The worst pandemic in a century has left plenty of mayhem to untangle before life can get back to normal. Small businesses are regaining footing amid a worker shortage, prices are rising and supplies of everything from new cars to washing machines are tight. While those are among issues capturing… Read More »

Charting the Course - Podcast

Squared Away – Potential Tax Changes

Today, we sit down with Stacy Murray and Zac Reynolds to discuss a few of the tax changes that are being discussed by the current administration. Specifically around long-term capital gains, corporate taxes and estate taxes. Each day, we learn a bit more about what might be included or excluded in this potential bill, so we will continue to monitor. Please let us know if there is anything specific that would be of interest and we will do our best to address any concerns in another episode. Enjoy!

Interview with Tom Carlson, Owner of Core Business Advisors

CORE is a leading provider of management consulting services to new and established companies in central Oklahoma. They provide part-time, contract CFO and related financial and management consulting services to small and mid-size companies. They partner with clients and offer specifically tailored services to meet their needs. They can provide both a hands-on approach and strategic vision to guide growing businesses to reach the next level.

Core Business Advisors
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