Squared Away – Interest Rates, The Fed & Market Volatility

With one month of 2022 under our belt, we take a step back and discuss a few of the more relevant market issues facing investors. As with most Squared Away episodes, Zac Reynolds joins us for today's conversation, in which we hit on topics ranging from interest rates and the fed to investor behavior. We invite you to check out the resources listed below and we encourage all investors to remain disciplined and stay the course. Enjoy!

The Life Phases of an Investor

George Cohlmia, an industry veteran, brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to our discussion today. He sits down with Dexter and Tyler as they breakdown the various phases of an investors journey, such as age, wealth and life stages. There are many obstacles and events that can disrupt our plans, but George reminds us all to focus on the things we can control and have a great team of trusted professionals surrounding you and your family. We hope you enjoy today's conversation.

Making Money vs. Managing Money

In this episode, Dexter and Tyler sit down with Full Sail advisor Max Rhodes to get his input on the challenge of managing versus making money. Two very different tasks that many of us face daily, this topic continues to weave itself into many of the conversations we are having with clients and network partners. Enjoy!